Bust A Move Live

Bust A Move Live Review

Bust-A-Move Live is the latest addition from the classic franchise that has spawned several sequels and imitations. While Bust-A-Move Live does not deviate from the classic gameplay and formula, it stands as a fun and challenging title that almost everyone could enjoy.

Bust A Move Live

The gameplay of Bust-A-Move is very simple–there is a pile of multi-colored bubbles on the top of the screen and you have to shoot a same colored bubble at that pile. When you’ve shot enough same-colored bubbles at the pile, they will then pop. Every 10 seconds or so, the pile at the top inches its way closer to the bottom, piling more bubbles on itself. If the pile reaches the bottom, it’s game over.

The reason Bust-A-Move remains engaging is from the clever puzzles and the way it is presented. The creative placement of different colored bubbles can make for some really challenging levels that are never really frustrating. You can never really be sure exactly where the bubble will land unless you fail a level. Failing a level allows you to use a line which will pinpoint exactly where the bubble will go (Think about a line that tells you where exactly your ball will go in a billiards game, same thing).

Bust-A-Move Live! has several different modes that tend to keep things interesting. It has a route-based arcade style mode where you must complete sets of levels until you complete them. The next mode is an infinite mode which literally allows you to play for hours on end without stopping and a mode that allows you to battle the CPU players.

Online and offline multiplayer also help round out Bust-A-Move Live’s modes nicely. In multiplayer, it’s you versus the other player and the only way to win is to pile on bubbles on your opponent’s pile making them lose. It’s actually great fun when you can compete with friends. In online, there is also avatar support (Although, note that during some of the motions, the avatar can end up blocking part of your screen) that shows you and your opponent laughing and getting angry depending on what’s going on in the puzzle.

Bust-A-Move Live! takes some classic gameplay and brings it to Xbox Live in excellent fashion. In high definition, the game looks simply gorgeous with everything looking bright and colorful. The game has a lot of replayability with its multiplayer being a quite fun addition. For only 800 points, I’d say that most people would be able to find some fun with Bust-A-Move Live!


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