E3 2011: Game Impressions

Saw a lot of games at E3, but I haven’t exactly set out my impressions for games one by one yet. I figured I’d make a little bulleted list showing a few impressions for each game I saw or played. Keep in mind that a lot of games are not playable at E3 with just a short demo usually being played in front of you so I can’t go into extreme detail for some of these.

Prime World (Nival) – This was my first appointment of E3, and a hell of a way to kick it off. Prime World is a free-to-play MMORPG that has you teaming up with several buddies and tackling different worlds one by one. While a bit Diablo-esque, the game also takes elements from Starcraft where-in you can build castles that will make your army stronger in the long run. I am not quite sure when the beta begins but I call dibs on a spot.

Duke Nukem Forever (2K & Gearbox) – For a game that comes out this week, I expected this to be one of the most polished demos at the show. Unfortunately, the multiplayer demo that I played did not impress too much. You know how multiplayer worked in games 10 years ago? That’s Duke Nukem Forever.

The Darkness II (2K) – While I have attempted several times to finish the first game, I still had a bit of interest in the sequel (in hopes it fixes a lot of the issues present in the first) and it looks to have done a bit of that. Shooting looks improved and the darkness powers look improved but I am still not sold on this sequel.

Sonic Generations (SEGA) – I both watched a behind-close-doors demonstration of the City Escape level (from Sonic Adventure 2) and played Green Hill Zone on the show floor. Watching Sonic being played for you by a developer is certainly a different experience than playing it for yourself, and that shines even more in Sonic Generations. The ‘classic’ Sonic gameplay portion did not lend itself as well as I’d hoped while the ‘modern’ Sonic portion played about as well as I expected. Here’s hoping the few issues I experienced are fixed before the release.

Anarchy Reigns (Platinum) – Only saw a demonstration of this one, and it looked to borrow a lot from other action games and appears to need a lot of work in the polish department. I want to like this one but the E3 demo left me with a rather sour taste.

The Sims 3 Pets (EA) – The demo shown was of the Xbox 360 version with Kinect. Essentially, this is an expansion on the game released last year but with pets of various types. Kitties are cute and the new kharma powers look neat but $60 for an add-on? Wow.

Fruit Ninja Kinect (Halfbrick) – Releasing during the Summer of Arcade, this one played exactly as one would expect. Wave your arms around slashing fruit and trying to get combos. Works well enough, but not exactly precise enough as I would have liked.

More in part 2 soon.


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