Favorite Games of 2011 (Game of the Year) – Super Mario 3D Land

Super Mario 3D Land (3DS)

A Mario game is my favorite game of the year? Sure, why not. I mean, Skyrim was fantastic with all of its quests and all but it did feel like a chore after a good while of playing. Super Mario 3D Land excels at something that can be overlooked despite its general importance when it comes to interactive entertainment: fun.

Upon immediate bootup of the game, I was sucked into the charms of the game. Taking in all of the classic enemies, power-ups and scenery I knew from all of the classic games and seeing them brought back to life and made into something that feels fresh and new. Other storied franchises have attempted to do this very same thing but tend to rely a bit too much on classic elements, and are too scared to try some new stuff. A good mix of both is what’s best, to bring in old and new fans alike. I don’t know what gold blender Nintendo mixed the two in this time but the results are marvelous.

I’m convinced it’s pretty much impossible for Nintendo to make a bad Mario game at this point. I know some agree or disagree on what’s the best one, but isn’t that like arguing which car is the best mercedes or which flavor of ice cream is best? I’ll stop with the stupid analogies and just say this: There doesn’t exist a bad Mario game, and Super Mario 3D Land is absolutely no exception to that.

If you had asked me back in November what my biggest gaming surprise was for the whole year? I’d have laughed and said Skyrim with a smile. I can’t say that anymore thanks to Super Mario 3D Land and I don’t think I’d have it any other way. If you have a 3DS, you owe it to yourself to own what I consider to be my favorite game of 2011.

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