Favorite Games of 2011 Part 1 – LA Noire

2011 has been a weird year for games in my eyes. While there have been some good titles, I can only say maybe one or two of them were “exceptional” so to speak. I know that’s probably par for the course for other years as well but I guess my expectations were not as tame as they should have been. Having said that, I’d like to go over what some of my favorite games of 2011 were, in no particular order. This is going to be a multiple part blog, in which I will try to get one part per day up until I’m done if possible.

LA Noire

LA Noire was one of those games I really didn’t know much about until it was just getting ready to come out. Just reading the title wasn’t enough to get me excited but hearing who was publishing it was. Rockstar was releasing another open world style game set in 1940’s LA, and this time you play as a cop looking to move through the ranks? My interest was definitely piqued from hearing that description.

Were things a bit different than what that description claimed to be? Yes, most definitely. So, I wasn’t one of those renegade cops out for destruction or vengeance. I was acting like a real cop would, asking questions and arresting the guilty.

The facial animations contained in LA Noire were definitely striking from a visual standpoint, even if they didn’t do a whole lot from a gameplay standpoint. Sure, they made it easier to tell when a witness was lying but the result was always obvious.

Perhaps the most striking part of LA Noire was its reception from gamers. As of late, all I’ve seen from several players is a lot of disgust for it, and even some are referring to it as the worst game this year. I dare say these people have probably not played Minute to Win It for Kinect and are therefore disqualified from judgement.

Was LA Noire a great game? I certainly found it to be, despite its lackluster ending that left much to be desired. Was it perhaps my favorite game of the year? No, not even close. Great games don’t have to be perfect, and LA Noire is a good example of that.


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