Favorite Games of 2011 Part 4 – Batman Arkham City

Batman Arkham City (Xbox 360)

Having loved Batman Arkham Asylum for its close quarters combat that was very tightly woven, along with villains that sent chills down my spine just listening to them speak. After hearing initially that Arkham City would be an open world game, instead of the tight corridor style in Arkham Asylum, I put off the game as more of a game that I would pick up ‘on the cheap’. I am glad to say I didn’t wait, and it was definitely worth it.

The open world aspects are more of an addition to what Arkham Asylum did, as you do travel from location to location but inside of these locales are the tight-nit spaces that made the first game fun. The superb combat is back with new abilities, and it’s just overall a more entertaining experience.

A few of the villains I wasn’t too excited about, and I felt Arkham Asylum did a better job at making the villains seem interesting, but the Joker in particular was even more sinister than usual. Ra’s al ghul was a great addition with his supernatural powers that made for some very intense moments as well.

Catwoman was also fun to play as, with her whipping abilities anyway. While I didn’t find her side story with Two-Face all that interesting, she was at least a nice change of pace from Bats.

Even after the game deleted my save (a known bug), I can still put this one near the top of my favorites list because everything else was done so well.


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