Favorite Games of 2011 – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Xbox 360)

I do have a somewhat storied history with the Elder Scrolls series. I played Morrowind and Oblivion both for probably a few hours each, and just found them to be incredibly bland experiences with weak combat gameplay. After Oblivion, I had sworn off the series because I had realized that they just weren’t my style.

Come E3 2011, I noticed that they would be having gameplay demos at the show. After watching that demo, I still had the sense that the game would play the same as Oblivion, but with new environments and enemies. Being unable to play it myself, I had no idea that I was wrong.

After the game came out, I still had little interest until I saw that Redbox was offering it for rental for just a few bucks. I figured it couldn’t hurt to just try it. If only I knew that a sampling would be my weakness, and that I’d be hooked on the game for a few weeks, much to my surprise.

The thing of it is, I can’t really say what it is that I liked so much about Skyrim. I just loved it, and that’s about all I can think of to say. The combat was definitely improved, but it wasn’t what kept me hooked on it. I mean, yes, dragons are also very fun to kill, but that was also not what kept me hooked.

I guess you could say Skyrim is greater than the sum of its parts, and just delivered an unmatched RPG experience last year. An RPG so good I’d play it twice? Possibly, and that’s the true testament here. I’d call it 2011’s biggest surprise if it weren’t for my final pick.

My next post will contain my absolute favorite game of the year. After that, I may do some small category stuff if I feel like, but this feature is definitely winding down.


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