Game Of The Year 2012 – Number Nine – Far Cry 3

As was the case with Spec Ops, the number eight game was originally different until I got around to playing its replacement. Dishonored was a great game, better than Halo 4 even but it just couldn’t cut the mustard with Far Cry 3 thrown into the mix. I hadn’t even considered that I’d play Far Cry 3 any time soon but as the situation arose and I played through the game, I knew I had made the right choice.

Ninth Favorite Game Of 2012

Far Cry 3

Despite the deplorable marketing campaign of “Skyrim with Guns”, I find the comparison to be closer upon playing it than originally thought. You have an entire island at your disposal, ready for you to explore, destroy and hunt.

Or is it? Perhaps the most interesting and surprising part of Far Cry 3 is its engrossing story. Despite all of its twist, turns, and whacked out ending it turns out to be satisfying when it’s all over with. Biggest surprise of the year? Maybe.


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