Game Of The Year 2012 – Number Six – Mass Effect 3

Sixth Favorite Game of 2012

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 was certainly one of the more hyped releases in 2012, especially with the assumption that this was the ‘end’ of Shepard’s story, and presumably the franchise. At least, that’s what the marketing would have lead you to believe, and if you bought that I have some blinker fluid I’d like to sell you.

Without spoiling too much and not taking the marketing into account, Mass Effect 3 was a heck of a lot of fun, and earned its spot on this list with a fun multiplayer mode that provided hours of fun with my friends. I’m always skeptical of a single player franchise adding on a multiplayer mode late in the series (see: Bioshock 2) but Mass Effect 3 surprised me for sure.

Ending issues aside, the single player also delivered, even if it felt as if there was plenty of writer’s block deep into the game. Ending a series, or at least a character’s story arc can’t be easy but Bioware accomplished their goal, even if it meant pissing off some fans in the process.


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