Papers Please

Game of the Year 2013 – Number Ten – Papers, Please

Tenth Favorite Game of 2013


Papers, Please

Prior to the game’s release on Steam, I had absolutely no idea this game even existed. Through the power of social media, I discovered that the game was supposed to be good.

After reading over the game’s concept, I was intrigued. After buying the game, I played the game and found it to be one of the most unique games of the year with its fast-paced play and constant moral choices.

The game features a setting not often seen, and I do not recall any game that has you playing as a border agent before, let alone in the USSR. You don’t have adequate tools, time, or money to work and live but you must press on anyway. While I have yet to complete the game, the game gives you a sense of hope that you may leave the nightmarish nation you find yourself in.


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