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Kings Island Trip Report – Invertigo Blues

The second day of this trip to Kings Island was much less eventful. After feeling a bit nauseous the day prior from riding the Banshee a few times, I decided today was not the day to try that again. I always find myself so worried of Adventure Express’ deceptive line that I tend to skip it and this trip was no exception.

This day started with a ride on the Racer. Nothing quite like flying through this ride on a mostly empty train just before noon. Another trip or two on the Beast only felt right after that, along with a go on the Diamondback. This time Diamondback did not have a line and was just a walk-on so I decided to give it a go a few more times. This time I tried to see how some of the different seats felt, and I can now safely say there is not a bad seat on that ride. Every time I ride it I’m reminded why it’s possibly my favorite coaster.

Making my way back to the Banshee, I considered taking a ride on the newly themed Bat but the Invertigo caught my eye. I’d never ridden Invertigo and there didn’t appear to be a line. Invertigo proved to be a pretty fun ride but one I’ll likely never do again. I felt very ill immediately after riding it.

Figuring it might be hunger, we made our way to one of the newer chicken food stalls and I decided to have a plate of fried chicken and fries. It tasted okay but my nausea was not subsiding so I did not eat much. After stopping in a few gift shops, I determined the nausea was going to be a problem if I rode any more rides, and so this is when we decided to leave the park. One of these days, I will do some night rides at Kings Island. I hear the Beast is a blast if ridden at the perfect time.


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