My Top Video Games of 2010… NOT!

An old picture of mine that I felt depicts things pretty well.This was originally intended to be one of those list-blogs that everyone loves to do. You know, the usual “Best Games of 2010” where everyone just spooges on a bunch of random games every year? Yeah well, I’m not doing that. Screw that shit. Call me a cop out, will ya? I’ll cop you!

Seriously though, I feel that if I did do one of those lists it would be incomplete and not be fair. I guess I could do one where it just involves games I’ve played thus far but that sounds worse. I barely started Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood last night, barely touched Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and haven’t even started games like Enslaved and Fable III.

I can tell you what will likely be my favorite game of the year, but that’s for another blog entirely. It’s Red Dead Redemption in case you didn’t know, but I’m willing to bet you did.

Next Monday I leave for Las Vegas for a week. Should be fun, and there will be many tweets while we’re there. Maybe what happens there won’t stay there after all, especially if it involves a hefty jackpot. No, you can’t have any if it is.

Anyhow, ’til then.


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