Hell in a Cell 2009

RKO in a Cell – Randy Orton vs John Cena at Hell in a Cell 2009

Randy Orton vs John Cena has been a constant feud in WWE for many years, with many fans wishing they’d never see it again. This coming Sunday at Hell in a Cell 2014, Randy Orton and John Cena will go at it at least one more time in the cell. With yet another match between the two on the horizon in a cell, it would make sense to take a look back at the first match these two had in the confines of the steel structure. Hell in a cell 2009 emanated from Newark, NJ. Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler are our commentators.

Randy Orton vs John Cena for the WWE Championship – WWE Hell in a Cell 2009

Hell in a Cell 2009

The match begins as Cole says this is a renewal of “one of the great rivalries in the history of WWE.” King says this could  be Orton’s last chance at the WWE Championship. Orton attempts to escape the cell early and is pushed back into the ring. Orton gains the advantage, knocking Cena down several times and stomping him to the ground. Cena powers out and attempts an Attitude Adjustment that fails. Orton hits his signature powerslam for a two count. Both men get up and exchange punches and blows, followed by a “Vintage Cena” shoulder-block.

Orton knocks Cena out of the ring and Cena flies into the cell. Orton then uses the cell to put the boots to Cena. Orton pushes Cena’s face into the cell with his knee. Cena picks up Orton and slams him into the cell as lightly as possible. He tries for it again and Orton counters and then pushes Cena into the steel steps. Orton then stomps Cena’s chest and then stomps his back after turning him over. The crowd begins chanting for Mike Chioda. Orton tries to throw the steel steps into the ring and fails the first time. King says Orton is “one of the most dangerous men in the history of the WWE.” No one believes you, King.

Hell in a Cell 2009

Randy Orton tries to do his hangman’s DDT on the steel steps but Cena lifts Orton up and out of the ring with a back body drop. Cena picks up the steel steps and throws them at Orton but Orton moves out of the way. Back in the ring, Orton nails Cena with the Overdrive. A blade then fell out of Cena’s wrist band and lands right in front of the camera. Chioda picks it up, thankfully. Cena eventually starts a comeback starting with the shoulder-blocks and then nails the Five Knuckle Shuffle. This match is so boring and losing the crowd by the second. Cena then lifts Orton up for the Attitude Adjustment but Orton gets out and wrenches Cena’s neck on the top rope. Orton then nails his hangman’s DDT on Cena.

Orton signals for the RKO by pounding his wrists into the mat. Cena counters it and plants Orton with the Attitude Adjustment but Orton kicks out just before three. Cena picks up Orton on the top rope for another Attitude Adjustment but is countered and picked up by Orton in an electric chair position and then dropped. With Cena on the aprton, Orton strikes Cena and then tries to execute a super-plex. The commentators sound incredibly bored by this point. I do not blame them.

Hell in a Cell 2009

Cena knocks Orton down and then tries to hit a leg-drop on Orton’s neck but Orton moves out of the way. Orton slides out of the ring and grabs a chair from under the ring. Orton heads back into the ring and hits Cena in the neck with the chair. Orton rolls Cena over and hits him in the neck again for a two count. Orton goes for a flying knee drop on Cena but Cena moves as he locks in the STF on Orton. Orton quickly grabs the ropes but it does not matter. Orton manages to slide out of the hold. As Cena tries to lock it back in, Orton knocks Cena back into the referee. Cena locks the STF in again and Orton taps. Cena lets the hold go thinking he has won. Cena then finds the referee and brings him back in the ring, and then Orton hits the RKO for a close near-fall. Orton begins slapping Cena’s chest from the apron and then ties his arms in the ropes. This allows Orton to lock on a sleeper hold in which Cena gives us every goofy face in the book as he begins to fade. Cena appears to be out and Orton releases the hold. The referee releases Cena from the ropes and Cena falls to the ground. Orton sets up in the corner for his signature punt, a spot you can see from a mile away. Orton goes for the punt and misses Cena by a country mile. I guess the punt was supposed to connect, so Orton gets the pinfall win to capture the WWE Championship for the SIXTH time at 21:24.

Conclusion:  This match was as formulaic as a Hell in a Cell could get, with barely any interaction with the cell. Boring, plodding, corny, and lame are the words I would use to describe this match. Now I am considerably less excited to see this match on Sunday.


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