WWE Hell in a Cell 2011

RKO in a Cell – Randy Orton vs Mark Henry at Hell in a Cell 2011

Moving forward to 2011, Hell in a Cell returns with the match-up of Mark Henry and Randy Orton. Randy Orton and Christian had battled for the entire summer over the World Heavyweight Championship, finally ending their feud at Summerslam. Mark Henry entered as a new challenger for Randy Orton’s title, capturing the title for the first time at the event. As with any “main event” feud in October, this lead to a Hell in a Cell match between the two, no matter how necessary it becomes. Our commentary team is Michael Cole, Jim Ross, and Booker T.

Randy Orton vs Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship – WWE Hell in a Cell 2011

WWE Hell in a Cell 2011

Jim Ross reminds us that Randy Orton is a mult-time champion at such a young age. Night of Champions was only two weeks ago by the way. Also, current Money in the Bank briefcase holder Daniel Bryan, is barely even mentioned during the match. Randy Orton gains the advantage early with several blows to Henry, forcing him out of the ring. The cell seems smaller than the 2010 edition. Outside of the ring, Orton continues having the advantage, forcing Henry into the cage several times.

Back in the ring, Orton hits a knee drop on Henry. Henry goes out to the apron and Orton tries for his signature DDT. Orton and Henry exchange pulling and pushing each other into the ring post. Henry then picks up Orton and smashes him into the cell and the ring post, causing him to fall. Henry pushes Orton into the ring.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2011

Orton gets up and punches Henry. Henry picks up Orton and hits him with a running powerslam for a two count. Outside the ring, Henry hits another powerslam on Orton, as Orton moans in pain. Henry then chokes Orton with a boot to the neck. Jim Ross keeps talking about the powerslam like it’s going to matter in five minutes. Henry slams Orton’s head into the cell. Henry picks up the steel steps and throws them at Orton. Orton dodges the steps by a few feet. Henry picks up Orton again and lawn-darts him into the cell for another time.

Henry picks up Orton and rakes his face in the cell. Randy practically no sells it and goes back into the ring, making a comeback on Henry. Henry stops with a body block and then a splash for another two count. Jim Ross mentions the powerslam AGAIN as the reason Orton is hurting. Henry hits a series of backbreakers for a near-fall. As if the match needed to slow down more, Henry locks in a bearhug. The crowd begins chanting “Randy.” Orton fights to get out but Henry smashes him into the turnbuckle and stands on his chest.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2011

Henry locks back in the bearhug and I’m falling asleep. Orton again tries to fight out but Henry headbutts Orton to keep him in the hold. Orton fights out and is tossed out of the ring. Henry picks up Orton and goes for the World’s Strongest Slam on the steps but Orton climbs the cage to get out of it. Back on the ground, Orton nails the signature DDT on the steps. Back in the ring, Orton nails a Lou Thesz Press and a series of punches on Henry. Orton then hits a beautiful dropkick on Henry and breathes in the cheers. Orton hits the “Vintage” DDT on Henry. Randy fires up, readying for the RKO. Orton hits the RKO for a close two count. Orton is distraught at not gaining the victory here.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2011

Orton teases the punt, going to the dark side. Henry misses the punt, grabs Orton and hits the World’s Strongest Slam for the pinfall win at 15:58. After the match, Henry gets a chair and picks up Orton for another World’s Strongest Slam. Commentary reminds us that Henry wanted to end Orton’s career. Henry picks up the chair again and lays it under Orton’s left leg. Henry goes off the top for a Vader Bomb but Randy moves. Orton gets the chair and clobbers Henry with the chair. Orton then chases Henry up the ramp until Henry is finally able to get away.

Conclusion: A more entertaining match than I expected going in. Orton seemed to be coming in to being a decent babyface and Henry worked really hard here. The cell, again, wasn’t used much and didn’t feel necessary at all considering the last PPV was only two weeks before this one.


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