Hell in a Cell

RKO in a Cell – Randy Orton vs The Undertaker at WWE Armageddon 2005

This Sunday, Randy Orton vs John Cena will take place, for the second time, in a Hell in a Cell. The cell structure has had many participants, but Randy Orton has appeared in five of these matches, making him one of the signature wrestlers for the match. In this series of articles, we are going to take a look at all of Randy Orton’s Hell in a Cell matches one by one and see if they still hold up.

Randy Orton vs The Undertaker – WWE Armageddon 2005

Hell in a Cell

One of the biggest rivalries to hit the WWE in 2005 was The Undertaker vs Randy Orton. “Cowboy” Bob Orton (Randy’s father) would get involved in the matches a lot of the time, which lead the two to this match which was to be the end of their feud against one another, at least for the time being.

After a quick video package showing the amazing first Hell in a Cell match, the cell is lowered as Michael Cole and Tazz put over the stipulation as the most dangerous match possible, complete with all the stats you’d expect.

Orton makes his entrance complete with the golden shower, accompanied by Bob Orton holding the urn. Cole puts over that this is Orton’s first Hell in a Cell match, so he has the disadvantage against Undertaker here. Cole reminds us though that he has been involved in cell matches before as part of Evolution though, so he does understand the dangers. Randy awaits the arrival of the Undertaker, as the crowd begins to chant for him to come out.

After Undertaker makes his long entrance, the match begins with Undertaker attempting to land blows on Randy as Randy repeatedly tries to get away. Randy escapes to the outside as Undertaker continues to follow him. Orton comes back in the ring and the two lock up, with Undertaker locking on a side headlock and then a shoulder block for the take-down. Orton then lands a few dropkicks and attempts a pinfall. Orton is then stopped by a boot to the face by Undertaker, and is then sent out of the ring. Undertaker follows him outside and hits him upside the head a few times with some right hands. Undertaker then picks up Orton to slam him into the cell but is pushed into the cell himself as Orton climbs back into the ring.

Hell in a Cell

Orton gains the advantage with Undertaker in the corner but is quickly countered by being pummeled in the turnbuckle. Randy is repeatedly punched until he’s on the ground, in which Undertaker then chokes him with his foot and knee. Orton’s leg is then slammed into the ring post, followed by a punch to the back and a kick to the head. Undertaker looks under the ring and finds a chair. Undertaker then smacks Randy square in the face with the chair in a sickening blow. Randy Orton is now busted open, as Undertaker hits him in the gut and then right in the face again. Chair shots to the head do not hold up well these days. Undertaker rakes Randy’s face on the cell, and then Randy attempts to climb the cell to get away as Undertaker grates his face again.

Randy finds a steel chain on the floor and is slammed into the steel steps. Undertaker pushes Randy into the ring and then begins choking him with the chain. Undertaker picks Orton up again and slams him into the side of the cell. Undertaker picks up the steel steps as Orton manages to land some punches and knock Undertaker down. Orton stomps Undertaker and then picks up the steps and before he can smash them into The Undertaker, Undertaker kicks them out of his hands which hurts Randy’s arm. As Undertaker climbs back into the ring, Randy Orton jumps up and RKO’s The Undertaker on the top ring rope causing him to fall to the floor. Randy Orton capitalizes with punches and kicks to The Undertaker.

Hell in a Cell

Randy Orton picks up the steel steps again and nails The Undertaker with them. Randy then plays Undertaker’s game by raking his face on the cell. Taker’s head is then slammed into the steps, followed up by strikes to the head. Randy then grabs the steel chain and chokes The Undertaker from inside the ring. The Undertaker fades as Orton strengthens the choke. Undertaker slowly makes it to his feet looking dazed as he punches Orton down. Orton grabs the chair and smacks Undertaker in the face with it. Orton attempts a near-fall but the Undertaker kicks out just before three.

Undertaker manages some headbutts and then throws Randy into the cell again. Undertaker then runs at Orton and smashes his knee into Randy Orton’s face and the cell. Undertaker stomps on Randy Orton. Back in the ring, Undertaker body slams him, and then goes to the top rope for an attempted elbow drop but misses badly as Orton slides out of the way and gets a table from the outside of the ring. Randy lands uppercuts to Undertaker and sets up the table. Bob Orton grabs Undertaker’s hair, pinning him to the side of the cell. Randy lands some punches before Undertaker manages to punch him back. Undertaker then grabs Bob’s arm through the cell and wrenches it several times until Randy smashes into Bob. Bob begins bleeding as Randy slams Undertaker on the floor and attempts a pin.

Hell in a Cell

Back in the ring, the two exchange blows until The Undertaker hits the signature flying clothesline and then goes for Old School. Undertaker connects, and then goes for a reverse STO. Undertaker continues laying on the punishment with a legdrop. Undertaker then signals for the chokeslam and hits it but Randy’s foot touches the bottom rope to break up the pin. Undertaker hits a flying knee on Randy in the gut while he’s in the corner. Undertaker attempts it again but Randy moves and nails Undertaker with the steel chain to the crotch. Orton then sets up the table again and places Undertaker on it. Orton goes to the top rope and lands a splash on the table. The table did not break and it looked very painful for Orton. Orton dumps the table to the outside and then continues to pummel Undertaker. Orton gets cocky and The Undertaker picks up Orton for the Last Ride and then Orton sneaks out of it. Undertaker goes for a chokeslam but is RKO’d.

Hell in a Cell

Referee Nick Patrick is taken out, while Charles Robinson comes in as a substitute. Bob Orton makes his way into the open cell door as Undertaker makes his way back up. Undertaker picks up Orton for the Last Ride and hits it. As the referee counts the pin, Bob Orton pulls him out and hits him with the urn. Undertaker goes to chase Bob Orton and smashes him against the cell, leaving him dazed but not out. Undertaker goes to hit the tombstone on Orton but he manages to reverse it and hit a tombstone of his own. In the midst of a delayed pinfall, Undertaker sits up to the surprise of Orton. Orton punches Undertaker to try to keep him down. Undertaker falls back down, and Orton taunts him until he is grabbed by the throat by a fallen Undertaker. Bob Orton comes into the ring but is knocked out by Undertaker. Orton attempts an RKO but is thrown down. Undertaker then tombstones Bob, and then hits the Tombstone Piledriver again on Orton for the win at 30:31.

Hell in a Cell

After the match, Undertaker makes his way to the top of the cell with the urn in celebration of his victory. Michael Cole wishes us a happy holidays as the show goes off the air.

Conclusion: This match is at complete odds with pro wrestling in 2014. While the work was decent, the bulk of the match consisted of slamming each other into the cell or weapon shots. The chair shots to the head were especially brutal, and hard to watch these days. The ending sequence worked pretty well and the crowd was into it.  A little too many shenanigans with the three referees and Bob, though. I’m not sure but I assume this was indeed the end of this feud for the time being. Also worth noting that “Cowboy” Bob Orton had Hepatitis C at the time, and the rumors are that Undertaker was none too happy to find this out after the fact.


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