Thoughts on the iPad – Week 1

Now that I have had my iPad 2 for a solid week now, I thought it was finally time to sit down and share my thoughts on the device, what apps I am finding most useful etc.. For now I’ll start with the design of it, how it feels and how comfortable it is to use. I am also typing this entire blog out using it (with the help of the utterly fantastic Squarespace app), so bear with me if there happens to be a few silly autocorrections.

When I first held the iPad in my hand fresh out of the box, I noticed it actually does have a bit of heft to it. Not to say it was jarring or anything, but it did take a bit of getting used to. My main device before using this was the iPhone 4, which is very light comparatively. Still, I thought that I should definitely get used to it, as before long it should feel just like an extension of my hand. My second initial thought upon holding it was just how damn thin it really is. Seriously, it’s thinner than my phone and it just seems impossible. Not “magically” thin or anything, but still crazy thin.

Moving on, there’s the nice 10″ screen. Well, it’s nice enough anyway. A spoiled iPhone snob like myself couldn’t help but cringe just a little bit when I noticed that the screen is certainly not the same retina display I was used to. “Pixels? In my iThing? No way!” Barring that, the screen looks nice and works well enough but I wouldn’t mind a resolution bump in the next iteration.

Now, why did I buy the iPad, you ask? For the fantastic apps and for a good netbook replacement. Sure, a bit of hype probably seeped into there somewhere, but who doesn’t do that once in a while?

Over the past week, there have been a few apps that have definitely got me hooked and turned me into an iPad junkie. One of them is Flipboard. A lot of buzz has been a constant when talking about the best apps that really make the iPad sing, and Flipboard is one of them and for a good reason too. You see, I’ve never been a fan of RSS readers in general. In general, I load up either Google Reader or an app and feel like I’m just overloaded with information and I have no idea what I want to read, so I stop trying to figure out what stories I want to read and close the reader. With Flipboard, I find myself easily finding the most interesting stories quickly because it allows me to see not only RSS feeds, but also my Twitter and Facebook. Now I’m only seeing stories that matter to me because the people I follow are sharing them. Not only that, I can easily pick and choose what I want to read because it aggregates the most important information straight from the article. The best part is: It is laid out like a magazine, almost like a personalized magazine where I choose the content I want to read. I use Flipboard multiple times a day, and it’s really the only way I get my news now. Why bother with anything else?

Wow, I wrote way more than I had planned on Flipboard. In this case, I suppose I had better end this blog here. Consider this a “Part 1” of sorts. I should have the next part soon.

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