Tops and Flops of Pro Wrestling

Tops And Flops of Pro Wrestling – Ambrose vs Rollins at Hell in a Cell, Cena Don’t Care

Top – Ambrose vs Rollins in Hell in a Cell, finally

Tops and Flops of Pro Wrestling

Ever since June 2nd, one of the hottest programs in the WWE has been Dean Ambrose in a consistent chase after Seth Rollins. Rollins made the dastardly move of taking fame and fortune over brotherhood, and that is something Dean could not stand for. The two began fighting at Money in the Bank, attempting to kill one another in the hellacious ladder match for the briefcase at the show. Rollins got the upper hand in that situation, as the feud then continued on to Battleground.

The less said about Battleground the better but the two did brawl in ridiculous fashion which would become a bit of a WWE staple over the next several months. The two battled again at Summerslam, again with Rollins ultimately getting the upper hand but Dean showed that he could come very close to winning at the same time.

Immediately after Summerslam, the two superstars battled in the main event of Raw, with Seth putting Dean’s head through a stack of cinder-blocks. Dean was put out of action for several weeks but returned at Night of Champions after Roman Reigns’ injury caused his match with Rollins to be called off. Dean attacked Rollins at the show, flying all over the place to get at him. In the main event of Night of Champions, Cena was attacked by Rollins costing him the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in his match against Brock Lesnar.

Ever since Night of Champions, Dean and Cena have been on a quest to get Rollins in Hell in a Cell. Since Dean’s quest seemed to have more fan interest and a more fleshed out storyline, WWE decided to put Ambrose vs Rollins in the cell. Rollins will have seemingly no escape as Ambrose can finally get the revenge he’s been after since June. The match between the two should be the highlight of the night, and perhaps one of the most memorable Hell in a Cell matches of all time.

Flop – Cena Don’t Care

Tops and Flops of Pro Wrestling Cena vs Ambrose

John Cena has had a reputation over his decade of being a center-piece on WWE television of simply not caring when he doesn’t get what he wanted just hours or days before. On Monday Night Raw this week, Cena stopped caring in record time: seconds.

A week earlier, Triple H setup Cena to take on Ambrose in a “No Holds Barred Contract on a Pole” match at Hell in a Cell for the right to get Rollins in Hell in a Cell. This week, Triple H decided he’d rather not wait and booked the match for the main event of Raw. While this seemed like a good choice because it makes more sense to have the top matches booked solid for Hell in a Cell, the match itself under-delivered.

The match quality is irrelevant however, when you consider the underlying issue of the situation is John Cena. John Cena’s character wanted to get Rollins in the cell because he cost Cena the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions. Every Raw leading up to this past Monday, Cena has been chasing after Rollins and trying to get after him seemingly all the time.

In the main event of Raw this past Monday, John Cena lost the match to Dean Ambrose on essentially a fluke as Cena was distracted while Ambrose got the contract off of the pole. As soon as Cena saw Dean had the contract, was Cena angry having lost? Was he even the slightest bit perturbed that he won’t be able to get at the guy who cost him the top prize in the company?

No, in fact John Cena did not care the least bit. Instead, Cena applauded Ambrose and then immediately shifted his focus to Randy Orton. Randy Orton has barely crossed the path of Cena for months, and now all of a sudden these two are going to fight in a cell at Hell in a Cell. Buy the WWE Network, kids. After all, it’s only $9.99.


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