Tops and Flops of Pro Wrestling

Tops and Flops of Pro Wrestling – Cena Delivers, Bryan’s Bad Day


Top – John Cena Heats Up For Summerslam

John Cena Promo

Being the top star in WWE for so many years has caused many to sour on John Cena. Hell, just have a listen every time the guy is on screen. You’ll either hear the inevitable chants of “Cena Sucks” or a downpour of boos filling the arena. One aspect of John Cena not often explored is the reason many fans dislike Cena. Believe it or not, it’s probably not that he wins all the time, looks like a cartoon character, or that he simply “can’t wrestle.” The reason many people do not care for John Cena is because the character he portrays rarely gives you a reason to care. John Cena rarely cares if he wins or loses and rarely takes opponent’s seriously, so why should you? Without the character caring for the reasons he fights, the fight is essentially pointless. As with any fiction, that kind of narrative leads to dull characters without much depth to keep them interesting. While it’s not all of the reasons, that is probably the number one reason why so many fans dislike John Cena.

Now that we have a pretty good understanding why fans tend to not like John Cena, we can discuss how tremendous it is when the Cena character becomes interesting. On this past Monday’s Raw, John Cena opened the show with a promo that showed passion and fire that we haven’t seen from him in a good, long while.

Being absent last week, Cena needed to let us all know how he felt about the newest challenger for his WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and he did so in top form. John Cena talked about how he has a passion for this business, and a passion to keep his title because he is going to Summerslam to beat Brock Lesnar, like he has already done a few years ago. Cena is prepared for the war he will have to endure to get the job done, even if that means he gets destroyed in the process.

Cena continued talking to Paul Heyman about how Paul knows passion just like Cena does, and Brock does not share it with either of them. Cena brought fire to his words, making you feel he believed he did not want to lose his title by any means necessary. John Cena would then go to have words with Cesaro and wrestle him in a match right then and there. Cena came off as a fighting champion who was not just going to lay down to the challenge of Brock Lesnar, and take on any comers. This type of fire you don’t see from Cena all that often so it’s nice to see it from him, and it’s necessary when we’re now just a few weeks away from Summerslam.

 Flop – Daniel Bryan’s Bad Day

Bryan Brie

On Friday, July 25, Daniel Bryan had a day he will probably never forget. In the morning, Bryan had a Comic Con panel to co-host along with the likes of Paul Heyman, Hulk Hogan and Sting, as well as the announcement of his autobiography. Comic Con happened to be the tremendous high of Bryan’s day, while the rest would be memorable for less than desirable reasons.

After leaving the San Diego Comic Con, Bryan was given his first dose of bad news. Per the WWE medical staff, it was determined that Bryan required a second surgery (this time in his elbow) that would keep him out of action even longer. Bryan’s return is now tentatively determined to be around the Royal Rumble, which almost always leads to exciting returns for those who return in that fashion.

Unfortunately, the bad news did not stop there. When Bryan returned home with his wife, Brie, he saw two people run out of his house. Assuming the worst, Bryan gave chase after them, managing to apprehend one of them with a rear-naked choke hold. Bryan held him down long enough for police to arrive, which they considered to be a heroic act. All of this while being injured, by the way.

In a news conference the next day, Bryan and Brie discussed that their dog Josie was apparently in the house, and the two feared the robbers may have taken her in the process. While the dog was unharmed and safe, the robbers almost made off with a bracelet of  sentimental value to Bryan, which he was able to recover. Thankfully, this story had a happy ending and in the meantime, we can only hope that his good karma will rebound for his health so he can return to the ring sooner rather than later.


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