Tops and Flops of Pro Wrestling

Tops and Flops of Pro Wrestling – The Rock Mocks, Roman Drops

Top – The Rock’s Return to Raw

The Rock and Rusev

This week on Monday Night Raw, a big surprise made its way at the top of the third hour of the show. The Rock made his return to Raw, looking ready and able to take on Rusev, and berate Lana for talking down to the United States like they have for months.

After Big Show tore down the Russian flag last week, he was “forced” to apologize for his actions. In reality, no one was probably actually offended and WWE told Big Show to tear down the flag because they had already planned for him to apologize. As a result, Big Show vs Rusev was announced for this past Monday’s Raw to settle the score. On Monday before Raw, reports surfaced that The Rock was in the New York area, which is where Raw was taking place (at Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center).

Presumably when WWE realized The Rock could return to Raw (at least temporarily), they made the change to have The Rock confront Rusev instead of the Big Show match that was scheduled otherwise. The Rock brings a presence to the show that is rarely seen, bringing in lapsed fans that do not watch Raw on a regular basis.

While the content of The Rock’s promo could be considered questionable, his delivery is unquestionably great, and here’s hoping he can make more appearances in the future. The surprising nature of his appearance could be questionable for business if it was supposed to be for just one time but it will definitely bring in more viewers that Raw could use right now.

Flop – Roman Reigns’ Raw Interview

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has been on the shelf since the weekend of Night of Champions after being diagnosed with an incarcerated hernia, keeping him off WWE television since. As WWE still presumably has big plans for him in the future of the company, they are trying to find ways to keep him relevant and in the minds of fans.

On Raw this past Monday, promoted for the show was an interview with Roman Reigns presented to give us an update on his condition and when we could expect him to return. Did we get any answer for these questions?

The short answer is that we did not; however, the more in-depth answer is worse. Roman’s interview was scripted to make him look like more of a corporate stooge than it ever has in the past. His answers all sounded like fluff written by a writer that doesn’t know how to write for the character, with no real answers on his condition or return provided. Reigns’ delivery wasn’t anything to write home about either, with little substance to be found behind his words. Worse, he would continually pause for applause when none was to be found.

If this is how the company plans to keep Roman Reigns in the minds of fans, perhaps it would be best suited if he just stayed completely off television until he can actually return. There’s something to be said for being allowed to miss a character from being on the show each week, and perhaps that could prove valuable in this case.


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