Tops and Flops of Pro Wrestling – Rollins Makes Bank, Bryan’s BO-Ner Problems

Welcome to a brand new weekly pro wrestling column I will be running here on the site, the Tops and Flops of Pro Wrestling. This will be a look at the tops and bottoms of professional wrestling through my eyes once per week.

Top – Seth Rollins Winning Money in the Bank

This easily takes the top spot of the most interesting part of pro wrestling over the last week. Seth Rollins has come from the bottom, just like many of the top stars in WWE these days, making his name as Tyler Black in the independents. A former WWE Tag Team Champion with Roman Reigns, he’s already achieved some gold in the WWE, but clutching the briefcase from atop the ladder solidified his spot in history.

Whether Rollins cashes in and has a strong world title run is irrelevant because he has now guaranteed himself a world title match at some point over the next year. Not many superstars can stake the claim of being Mr. Money in the Bank, and all but two have gone on to win the title they cashed in for. I have no doubts that Seth Rollins will be a top superstar in WWE for years to come. The only questions left are who Seth cashes in on and when he does it.

Flop – Daniel Bryan’s Money in the Bank Promo

Daniel Bryan has had one hell of an interesting year. From being one of the few to beat John Cena last year, to being in and winning the main event of Wrestlemania, capturing the unified WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the process. Those are the tremendous highs he will perhaps never achieve again. However, Bryan’s post-Wrestlemania timeline has been less than stellar. Being placed in a program with Kane didn’t help, but the real issues actually are real. A few weeks after Wrestlemania, Bryan’s father passed away and less than a month later we find out that he has a neck injury that will require him taking time off.

While Bryan’s rocky path since then involved being stripped of the title, it had been quite a while since we had heard from the man himself. Bryan was placed on the Money in the Bank Pre-Show to address his issues and what he might be doing once he gets back. Bryan announced he may be needing a second neck surgery, so he does not know when he will be back. That was a huge announcement that should have been emphasized more, especially considering it’s possible we may not see Bryan back until 2015.

The reason Bryan was brought to this pre-show? To try and get a catch-phrase going for Bo Dallas. Not the worst option. I mean, Bryan is the guy who got “Yes!” over, right? Well, not only did it not work but it’s a big waste of Bryan when he won’t be back for at least a few more months. Bryan’s return should be more special, and should be treated with more care when it does happen for good. Either way, Bryan is a made man and I don’t believe this segment hurt him at all.

As for Bo, this segment did him no favors. Not only did the chant not seem to resonate on this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, but he continues to get cheers when he beats up underdogs such as El Torito on Smackdown. Triple H often talks of “Plan B”. Is it time to shift to Plan B for Bo Dallas?


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