WWE Main Event Recap – December 2nd, 2014

WWE Main Event for December 2nd, 2014 emanates from Oklahoma City, OK. Our commentators are Michael Cole and Byron Saxton.

WWE Main Event

Our first match is Jack Swagger vs Titus O’Neil. Before the match, we’re shown a recap of Swagger and Rusev’s actions on Raw. Swagger throws Titus to the ground early, but Titus manages to throw Swagger into the ring post and then out of the ring. Outside, Titus whips Swagger into the barricade. Titus is getting a lot more offense than I would expect, and it’s not all that bad. Titus continues tossing Swagger around like he’s less than 200 lbs. Crowd chants USA while Swagger is trying to fight out of a weak sleeper hold. Swagger fights out of it, showing some fire and hits an awesome kick outside the ring.

There was a very sloppy spot where Titus almost hit the Alabama Slam but Swagger reversed it into the Patriot Lock for the submission win. This was an average TV match, but Titus showed more than I feel he usually does. Sloppy finish does hurt it though. After the match, Swagger says Rusev is unworthy of holding the US Title. He then asks his hometown Oklahoma crowd to say “We The People!” *1/2

Cole tells us that the Slammy categories will be released over many platforms within the next week. Adam Rose then begins making his way to the ringside area backstage. Back from a break, Adam Rose begins making his way to the ring along with The Bunny.

WWE Main Event

The next match is Adam Rose & The Bunny vs Gold & Stardust. I feel like Stardust had a hot debut but has been nothing since. The Bunny does a Ric Flair strut to start which confuses Stardust. Rose tags in and tries some awful offense on Goldust, including a splash into the corner. None of what Rose does looks good. Adam Rose knocks down Goldust and both make the tag, so The Bunny hits his usual goofy offense on Stardust. The Bunny is kind of funny but I’m starting to hate it. Rose tags himself in and tries to take out Goldust. The Bunny is thrown out of the ring, distracting Rose and allowing Stardust to hit the Dark Matter for the pinfall win. Not very good, and a crappy finish. Adam Rose needs to stop wrestling or get interesting. *

We are shown a recap of Miz talking to Naomi and then Jimmy Uso coming out and punching Miz right in the face. Cole reminds us that Jimmy Uso vs The Miz is scheduled for later on. Tom Philips is backstage with The Usos. Jimmy says all he can think about is Miz, and that it’s convenient that Miz wants to bring Naomi into the picture now that they’re the number one contenders for the Tag Team Championships.

WWE Main Event

Fandango vs R-Truth is next. R-Truth does the dancing and singing thing and says for Oklahoma to make some noise. I guess they did. The hashtag for this match is supposed to be #NewFandango but it comes up as #ICTitle. Hey, production guy, wake up! Fandango hits a body block to knock R-Truth down and then dances. I think the New Fandango is a lot like the Old Fandango. I actually don’t know what the difference is besides Rosa and new theme music. Fandango goes outside and Rosa begins dancing. Cole is baffled as to why Rosa is dancing. Cole and Saxton get into an argument about dancing. Fandango has a sleeper locked in and then R-Truth makes a comeback with a series of kicks. Eventually Fandango hits the top rope legdrop for the pinfall win. I don’t get it with the New Fandango. There is basically nothing different about the core character. *1/2

Raw is then recapped, showcasing the Cena vs Rollins angle and the Anonymous General Manager that ran Raw last night. Cena vs Rollins in a Tables Match at TLC. Big Show vs Erick Rowan at TLC will be a first-time ever Steel Stairs match. I don’t even want to know what that will be like.

WWE Main Event

The main event of Main Event is Jimmy Uso vs The Miz. Miz says that Naomi is extremely talented and that’s why he was talking to her. Miz says he’s been talking to an agent about her, and that this is a good thing for her and that he can do more for Naomi than Jimmy ever could. Jimmy goes to attack Miz but Miz retreats. Miz finally gets in the ring and the match starts. Jimmy hits some offense on Miz and then sends him over the top rope out of the ring. Main Event goes to break.

Back from break, Miz knocks Jimmy out of the ring and manages to land some offense in on him. Miz still has that constant issue where it looks like he’s “playing” pro wrestler instead of being one. Naomi is watching from backstage looking as awkward as ever. Cole wants to know what Naomi thinks about all of this. Miz locks on a sleeper, which feels like a crutch in these short TV matches at this point. Jimmy nearly gets counted out but he makes it in just in time. Miz stomps on him and then throws some punches in the ring. Jimmy slaps around The Miz some and then throws him out of the ring and then hits a running splash to the outside.

Jimmy Uso hits a big Samoan Drop back in the ring and then went for a running splash to the corner but Miz goes outside. Jimmy hits a suicide dive to the outside. Back in the ring, Miz attempts offense but Jimmy hits a stiff superkick and then a top rope splash for the pinfall win. Okay match. Mizdow I feel actually hurt the intensity of what was supposed to be a very personal match by adding unnecessary comedy. **


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