WWE Main Event Recap – November 11th, 2014
Dean Ambrose and Justin Gabriel

WWE Main Event Recap – November 11th, 2014

WWE Main Event for November 11th, 2014 emanates from Liverpool, England. Our commentators are Michael Cole and Byron Saxton.

Show opens with a package for Veteran’s Day with John Cena talking over it. They always do a great job with these.

WWE Main Event Recap – November 11th, 2014

First match is Stardust vs Adam Rose. Adam Rose really is pretty much a character that does nothing for me. He’s got a gimmick that he doesn’t seem to like all that much and that’s it. As a wrestler, I find him actively bad. I feel like he’s been on Main Event a lot lately though. I don’t think there is any chance of Rose winning here but nothing would surprise me anymore. Quick recap showing us that The Bunny cost Rose a match on Smackdown last week, and then on Raw. The Bunny is much cooler than Rose could ever aspire to be. As the match starts, Rose tells the Bunny to take a hike.

Cole says that it’s important to note that the Bunny is not an actual Bunny but a man in a Bunny costume. Stardust takes the match early, knocking down Rose at every opportunity with clotheslines and aerial moves. Stardust locks in a headlock as the Exotic Express dance in the aisle. This crowd could not be any more dead than they are right now. Rose starts a comeback and hulks up but Goldust and the Bunny brawl at ringside. That distraction allowed Adam Rose to get the rollup pin for the victory this time.

After a quick break, Cole throws to a Raw recap that focuses on Ryback’s return and non-decisions as of late.

WWE Main Event

Next match is Alicia Fox vs Cameron. Man, this match is going to be one for the ages. Cameron is still doing the “look in the mirror” gimmick as she makes her way to the ring. Her music says “girl-bye” a lot too. Cameron has an in-set promo where she says “Alicia’s going down like a Yellow Submarine” because they’re in Liverpool I guess. Literally you could hear a mouse in the nosebleeds in this arena now. Cameron throws Alicia over the top rope to the floor before getting back in the ring and hitting one of the worst dropkicks I’ve ever seen. They hit each other with more bad offense and then Alicia hits a sloppy backbreaker and then rolls Cameron up for the pinfall win.

Bray Wyatt’s rambling promo from Raw is replayed. Bray Wyatt is actively making me want to watch WWE less these days. I am completely over the character.

WWE Main Event

Sami Zayn vs Tyson Kidd is up next. I know this happened last week but it was good enough that I will accept a rematch. Before this one gets started, the Kofi Kingston “The New Day” vignette airs. Maybe Kofi will show more personality with this new push. Crowd, of course, chants Ole early. They both lockup. Sami gains the advantage and Kidd goes out of the ring and threatens leaving but he reconsiders. Tyson gets distracted by Natalya so Sami vertical suplexes Tyson into the ring. Tyson manages to kick Sami Zayn out of the ring. Sami rolls back into the ring but Tyson kicks him in the head on the apron and then hugs Natalya as WWE Main Event goes to break.

Back from break, Tyson has Sami in the corner and is stomping his face. Tyson then steps on Sami’s hand which he oversells. Tyson then locks in a leglock on Sami’s head that does look legitimately painful. Tyson gets more offense in with more near-falls that the crowd doesn’t buy for a minute. Zayn begins a comeback with a dropkick and then lands a crossbody from the top rope for a two count. Tyson hits an awesome looking neckbreaker off the top rope. Sami is able to counter Tyson and hit the Blue Thunder Bomb for a close two count. The crowd chants “This is Awesome” despite it being merely above average. At least they’re being vocal about something. Tyson rolls up Sami again, grabbing the tights like last week but the referee saw it and wouldn’t count. Sami Zayn tries to get Tyson in the ring but Tyson uses Natalya to block it. This allows Tyson Kidd to hit the Swinging Neckbreaker for the pinfall win. Pretty good match but I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it.

Raw is recapped again with focus on the John Cena vs The Authority angle on Raw. What side is Ryback on? Who cares? The Authority will be on Smackdown this week on Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel. Yippee! In case you couldn’t tell, I am over the Authority entirely.

WWE Main Event

Dean Ambrose vs Justin Gabriel is next. The Hell in a Cell match between Dean and Seth is shown, complete with stupid, screwy finish. I am not excited to see Dean Ambrose fight Bray Wyatt at all. Odd that you see a Face vs Face match on these B shows but I don’t even know what Gabriel is. The two guys exchange hammerlocks and holds early on. The crowd lightly chants “Let’s go Ambrose” but they’re still very quiet when I thought they’d be louder for Dean. The match mainly consists of Dean flying around like a crazy man while a little girl tries her hardest to chant “Let’s Go Ambrose” while the rest of the arena is quiet. Dean hits a lariat that the crowd seemed to like. Dean then hits the Dirty Deeds for the pinfall win. Absolutely nothing to this match, clearly just to put Dean over to get him ready for Survivor Series. Will Dean survive?

Dean grabs a microphone and makes a few weird faces. Dean says he’s not afraid of Wyatt, and that he doesn’t play games. Bray wants to fix him, but Dean says when he gets poked and prodded he knocks people’s teeth out. I hope this stupid feud ends at Survivor Series.


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