WWE Main Event Recap – November 18th, 2014

WWE Main Event for November 18th, 2014 emanates from Knoxville, TN. Our commentators are Michael Cole and Byron Saxton.

WWE Main Event

The first match is The Usos vs Gold & Star Dust. Damien Mizdow & The Miz along with Los Matadores are on commentary. Goldust cuts an in-set promo and says they will keep their Cosmic Keys against astronomical odds. Torito is on the commentary table. This is just about the fifty millionth time I have seen this match so I do not care that much. One of the Matadores is doing the wackiest commentary I have ever heard. The Usos make sure to do their flying splash to the outside but The Dusts decide they don’t want it and walk away. The Usos stop too. The Dusts decide they’d rather just leave. Seriously, the Matadores on commentary is infinitely more entertaining than this match. Michael Cole is berating The Miz, even though he used to be his biggest fan. Torito is now twerking on the commentary table.

One of the Usos flies over the top on Goldust as the other holds the rope down. After what felt like forever, one of the Usos hit the splash off the top rope on Stardust for the pinfall win.

Bray Wyatt vs Jack Swagger will happen later on. Dean Ambrose’s “Survival Kit” segment announced for Smackdown. Stop ruining Dean Ambrose, thanks.

WWE Main Event

Paige vs Alicia Fox is the next match. Cole reminds us that Paige beat Alicia already a few weeks ago on Raw. Paige puts Alicia in a leglock for a long time to complete silence. At least the crowd seemed to be into the last match a bit. Paige tried a goofy cover on Alicia and Alicia ended up rolling Paige up for the pin.

Ugh. Renée is backstage with Adam Rose, The Bunny, and the Rosebuds. Renée asks Rose about what happened on Raw with him and The Bunny. The Bunny pelvic thrusted on the stage, which Rose did not like at all. Renée says that tonight will be the first inter-species tag match and that they have their issues but as long as The Bunny doesn’t hump they’ll be fine. Adam Rose will put any of god’s creatures back in place, and tells the Bunny not to get distracted with “The Lemon” Natalya.

WWE Main Event

The next match is Adam Rose & The Bunny vs Natalya & Tyson Kidd. I’m expecting pure comedy out of this. The Bunny wants to do the trust fall but Rose doesn’t want him to, and then does it himself. Natalya and The Bunny were going to start but Tyson tagged himself in. The Bunny puts up his dukes but Rose tags himself in too. Rose tries to tie-up with Tyson but the Bunny wants Natalya so it’s moving all over the apron. This distracts Rose, so he gets pounded on by Tyson in the meantime. Tyson puts Rose in a sleeper while the Bunny hops on the apron. The Bunny tags himself in and dropkicks Tyson. And he does it just like Justin Gabriel too. Hmm.

Tyson hits a cheapshot on The Bunny and then puts him in the sharpshooter. Rose goes to help The Bunny but then stops and looks on as The Bunny taps out. After the match, Natalya looks displeased with Tyson. Tyson attacks The Bunny some more and then leaves. Natalya still looks unhappy but Tyson reminds her that he won the match.

Raw is recapped, with focus on the John Cena vs Authority storyline. Will The Authority be out of power on Sunday? I don’t even care. The bigger question is whether they’ll be off of my television when it happens.

WWE Main Event

Bray Wyatt vs Jack Swagger is next. Before it gets started, Michael Cole gives us an update that Sheamus has nerve compression in his neck. If true and not part of storyline, that’s not good at all. Bray Wyatt cuts a promo saying that in five days, Dean Ambrose will understand the repercussions of not accepting the gifts of a god. Bray Wyatt says he offered Dean redemption from a lifetime of sin. Wyatt says the game that him and Dean have been playing is coming to an end. Wyatt says he has a special gift tonight because they’ll all witness the sacrifice of Jack Swagger and Dean will meet the same fate at Survivor Series.

Wyatt and Swagger lock up and trade blows early. Both men go outside and Wyatt hits a clothesline on Swagger. Bray lays out Swagger in the ring and then stares at Zeb. Wyatt locks in a sleeper on Jack and the crowd fell asleep. Okay, a few kids started chanting “USA”. Jack manages to fight out of the sleeper and then nails a lariat. Swagger continues his comeback, kicking Wyatt down. Swagger attempts the Swagger Bomb and nails it. Swagger grabs Wyatt’s ankle for the Patriot Lock but Wyatt gets out of it. Wyatt then grabs Swagger and hits the Sister Abigail for the pinfall win. I liked it the most of any tonight but that’s not saying much. This edition of Main Event sucked.


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