WWE Main Event Recap – November 25th, 2014

WWE Main Event for November 25th, 2014 emanates from Fort Wayne, IN. Our commentators are Michael Cole and Byron Saxton.

WWE Main Event

Our first match is Damien Mizdow & The Miz vs Los Matadores w/ El Torito . The commentators recap the duo’s win at Survivor Series. Miz cuts a promo before the match saying that he’s going home to LA to enjoy Thanksgiving. He says that people have told him that “Mike can’t” but he knows that “The Miz can!” and that there is someone who has stood by him and without them it wouldn’t have been possible. It built so you thought he was talking about Mizdow but then he said “The Moneymaker”, his face.

The match starts with Miz, with the crowd booing the decision. The crowd chanted “We Want Mizdow!” One of the matadores threw a dropkick to Miz that looked not very good. Adam Rose vs “The New and Improved” Fandango. The crowd chants “We Want Mizdow” some more and Miz looks confused. Miz throws his arms in the air and the crowd boos, but cheer when Mizdow does it. Solid action back and forth with a few dives from the Matadores. Mizdow hit the Skull Crushing Finale, Miz tagged in and stole the pin for the win. They both raised their sets of titles after the match, with cheers for Mizdow and boos for Miz.

Renée is backstage with Fandango. She asks him what he has planned for the future, but he’s too busy kissing Rosa. She asks him about his new dance. Rosa leaves, Fandango leaves with her. A few people laughed in the crowd. What a segment.

WWE Main Event

Fandango w/ Rosa Mendes vs Adam Rose w/ The Bunny is next. Fandango and Rosa did their new Flamenco style dance before the match. The Bunny came out with Adam Rose again because it is apparently very stupid. The crowd chanted Rose’s theme at the start. Rose takes control early, smashing Fandango in the corner several times. Outside the ring, Fandango fires up and beats up Rose. The commentators sell this as a “whole new Fandango.” Fandango locks in a sleeper hold, as The Bunny chases Rosa around the outside of the ring. Adam Rose fires up, hitting Fandango with a series of lariats. Fandango cuts it off as The Bunny hops on the apron. Fandango knocks the Bunny off the apron, then hits the top rope legdrop for the pinfall win. Fandango danced with Rosa after the match. About what you’d expect from these two, nothing more. The Bunny was surprisingly not involved in the finish.

The usual Raw recap features The Authority being removed from power, Daniel Bryan returning and the matches he made as he ran Raw, and the Anonymous GM returning next week.

Tyson Kidd is backstage with Natalya. Summer Rae and Layla show up and insult Natalya by saying she talks to much. Tyson laughs. Natalya gets angry at him. Layla pushes a pumpkin pie in Natalya’s face and said “Happy Thanksgiving.” Well, that was rude. The Big Show will be Miz’s guest on Miz TV on Smackdown this Friday.

WWE Main Event

The next match is Layla w/ Summer Rae vs Natalya w/ Tyson Kidd. Natalya still has whipped cream in her hair. Tyson is trying to calm her down. It doesn’t work and Natalya heads outside the ring and beats up Summer Rae. She gets back in the ring and beats up Layla. Layla locks on a leglock while the crowd chants “Nattie”. Natalya manages to fight out of it but gets slapped by Summer in getting up. Layla locks in a sleeper, and then locks in a hold that pins Natalya on the ropes while the referee makes a five count. Natalya makes a comeback, stomping on Layla and a dropkick. Natalya eventually locks on the Sharpshooter for the win. Decent match. After the match, Natalya celebrates but Tyson jumps in front of her to steal the glory.

WWE Main Event

Kane vs Dean Ambrose is the main event of Main Event. Kane’s role as “Director of Food and Beverage” was recapped on Raw, complete with Ryback’s actions. As Dean makes his way to the ring, we’re shown a recap of Bray Wyatt’s actions on Raw. Ambrose knocks Kane down early with a lariat, and then a tornado DDT from the top rope. Ambrose does a cool spot where he throws a series of punches and then winds up and then hits the last punch. Dean takes Kane outside and goes for a tope but is stopped by Kane’s punch. WWE Main Event goes to break.

Back from break, Kane has Dean in a sleeper as the crowd claps and cheers for him to fight out of it. Kane begins punching Dean, who flies into the ropes and rebounds. The commentators begin talking about Roman Reigns. Dean rebounds and almost hits his signature lariat but Kane hits a big boot. Kane locks in a sleeper hold. Dean fights out of it, and then nails a dropkick from the second rope. Ambrose nails a bulldog for a two count. Kane goes for a chokeslam but Dean throws him out of the ring, and then hits a tope. Kane throws Dean into the ringpost and then back in the ring. Kane has Dean on the top rope for a superplex but Dean fights out of it and then hits a crossbody for another two count. Dean goes to the top again and tries again but Kane uppercuts him for a two count. Dean finally hits his rebound lariat and goes for Dirty Deeds. Kane goes for the chokeslam again. Dean rolls up Kane for the pinfall win as Main Event goes off the air.


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