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WWE Main Event Recap – October 14th, 2014

WWE Main Event for October 14th, 2014 emanates from Birmingham, AL. Michael Cole and Byron Saxton are our hosts for the show.

WWE Main Event

Our first segment for the night is MizTV with special guest United States Champion Sheamus. Miz recaps their feud over the past few weeks, including how he has beaten Sheamus with no championship around his waist. Damien Mizdow makes his way down to the ring dressed as Sheamus in a ridiculous parody, even wearing white tights so his legs would look more pale. I guess Party City was having a Halloween sale. Miz promotes the US Championship match with Sheamus at Hell in a Cell. Mizdow speaks in a ridiculous Irish accent, putting over The Miz at every turn. Mizdow even brings up the “Lobster Head” meme for Sheamus’ theme song. Mizdow wants to present the US Championship to The Miz (a toy version, not the real thing). Sheamus comes out and cracks lame jokes about The Miz. Sheamus and Miz banter back and forth until Sheamus gets sick of it and knocks down Mizdow. Miz leaves the ring and Sheamus brogue kicks Mizdow to end the segment.

Michael Cole and Byron Saxton run down the show, letting us know Big E vs Rusev is set for later, as a Susan G. Komen commercial is shown, followed by one for WWE 2K15.

WWE Main Event

The first match is Tyson Kidd vs R-Truth. Tyson cuts another “fact” promo before the match, talking about how he is more than just “Nattie’s husband.” Tyson continues to play heel, sneaking away whenever the going gets tough. Tyson gets the advantage early on, with lots of kicks and submissions in his offense. This almost seems like it’s intended for Tyson to show Natalya that he can wrestle better than her. Natalya eventually gets on the apron, causing Tyson to get distracted so R-Truth can hit the ‘Little Jimmy’ for the pin. Decent match, not enough time to get good.

A Hell in a Cell promo is shown featuring all of the stars in the WWE main event picture for the show.

WWE Main Event

Next match is Cesaro vs Justin Gabriel. Before the match, Cesaro cuts an in-set promo where he says he’ll beat Ziggler and then “Cesaro, out.” No idea what that’s about. Cesaro takes control early with plenty of chops in the corner and powering out of Gabriel’s attempt at offense. Cesaro continues to dominate, eventually hitting a double foot stomp that looked brutal. Eventually Gabriel manages to get his way out of a sleeper and get some offense in on Cesaro, including a Scorpion Death Drop in a reversal. Gabriel misses a moonsault and Cesaro hits the Neutralizer for the pin. Better than the last match, with some good offense by Cesaro.

The main event feud involving John Cena, Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton, and Seth Rollins is shown. Nothing new to report here, except WWE is now promoting Cena vs Orton and Rollins vs Ambrose as a double main event.

WWE Main Event

The main event of Main Event is Rusev vs Big E. Before the match, Lana and Rusev cut a promo running down America again with an emphasis on Birmingham. Rusev says Big Show is the “stinking anus” and that Big Show talks through his anus. I have no idea what Rusev was on here but it did make me laugh. Big E and Rusev trade punches early on with neither guy having the advantage. Big E overtakes Rusev and forces him out of the ring. Rusev comes back in and they trade blows again. Both head outside and Rusev hits a big fallaway slam, and then back in the ring to try for a count-out victory. WWE Main Event goes to a commercial break.

We come back to Rusev having Big E in a reverse sleeper hold, as Big E attempts to fight back. Rusev knocks him down and stomps him. Rusev continues to hold Big E in a submission until Big E manages to hit a suplex and attempt a comeback. Rusev cuts Big E off by dodging a spear, sending Big E into the ring post. Rusev continues to dominate the match until Big E hits a belly-to-belly to gain momentum. Big E attempts a real comeback, even scoring a near-fall. As soon as Big E pulls down his straps, Rusev knocks him down and locks on the Accolade, and Big E taps for the submission win.

Decent episode of WWE Main Event. More time for some of the matches would have helped tremendously.


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