WWE Main Event for October 21, 2014

WWE Main Event Recap – October 21st, 2014

WWE Main Event on the WWE Network for October 21, 2014 emanates from Wichita, KS. Again, Michael Cole and Byron Saxton are our commentators.

JBL is in the ring with The Usos and The Dusts in a segment called “Know Your Bro,” where each of the brothers will have to answer questions about the others. JBL introduces us to both teams, and The Usos will start. The first question was “If your brother wasn’t wrestling, what would they be?” If Jey Uso wasn’t a wrestler, he’d be a football player. Star Dust gets asked about what Goldust would be if he wasn’t a wrestler, and he kept saying “He is Star Dust.” Star Dust was right.

“Who is the biggest influence in your brother’s life?” was the next question. The answer for the Usos was “Dad” and they began dancing like Rikishi. The answer for the Dusts was “Yo” as in “YO MAMMA!” I have no idea what the point of this segment is. JBL now starts a game of password, and Nasty is on the titantron. Jey Uso can’t guess the answer, but eventually gets it. Star Dust keeps hissing at JBL. The Dusts can’t guess “Milkshake” so the Usos win. The Usos then superkick both of the Dusts out of the ring to end the segment.

Jack Swagger vs Seth Rollins is announced for later. I wonder who will win?

WWE Main Event for October 21, 2014

The first match is a rematch from last week with Tyson Kidd vs R-Truth. Tyson gets the advantage early, striking R-Truth across the head. R-Truth slips out of the ring on an irish whip as he begins flirting with Natalya. Tyson comes out to break it up and gets smacked, goes back into the ring and is then tossed over the rope to the outside. Truth screams “What’s up?” to a silent crowd. WWE Main Event goes to break. Back from break, Tyson has taken control, stomping R-Truth and then slapping on a sleeper hold. Tyson puts R-Truth in a tree of woe and then dropkicks his face. Tyson then slaps on another sleeper hold and then dumps Truth out of the ring. Tyson runs across the apron to get Truth but is tripped.

Back in the ring, Truth gains the advantage with a DDT and then a corner splash. Tyson dodges another one in the corner, looking to have tweaked his ankle in the process. When Truth came over to check on him, Tyson threw Truth into the ropes and then hit his finisher (a swinging neck-breaker suplex) for the pinfall win. Natalya is pleased with Tyson’s victory, and after the match they embrace on the ramp. Nothing more than to further the Natalya and Tyson Kidd angle. I’m not sure why Natalya is suddenly okay with Tyson getting an unfair advantage though.

Another Wyatt Family vignette is shown. Cesaro vs Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Intercontinental Championship is announced for Smackdown. Why is this not a PPV match?

WWE Main Event for October 21, 2014

Bo Dallas vs Big E is the second match. No one really gains the advantage early. Eventually, Bo is able to knock Big E down and locks on a sleeper hold. Bo hits a swinging neckbreaker on Big E for a near-fall. Bo then locks on another sleeper-hold. Big E finally makes a comeback with a series of lariats and then a belly-to-belly. Bo trips Big E down and then goes for the Bo Dog but it is countered into the Big Ending for the pinfall win. Cool ending sequence, absolutely nothing else of note.

A Raw recap is shown for the John Cena vs Randy Orton feud for Hell in a Cell. I think we definitely now know what the “real main event” is.

WWE Main Event for October 21, 2014

The main event of WWE Main Event is Jack Swagger vs Seth Rollins. A recap package showing Mick Foley’s surprise return to Raw is shown. The opening tussle results in Swagger going for the ankle lock early. Rollins slips out of the ring. Coming back in, Swagger shoulder blocks Rollins down a few times before hitting a clothesline to put him out of the ring. I have a feeling these two like the matches they have with one another. Rollins is able to take Swagger down with a drop-kick, punching Jack to keep him down. WWE Main Event goes to commercial.

WWE Main Event for October 21, 2014

Coming back from commercial, Rollins has a chinlock in on Swagger. Rollins hits a flying clothesline on Swagger for a near-fall. Rollins continues holding the advantage, until Swagger manages a desperation slam on Seth. Rollins cuts Swagger off with a drop-toe hold on the middle turnbuckle. Rollins slaps on a chin-lock while the crowd chants “We The People.” Rollins turns it into a sleeper as Jack stands up. Swagger makes a comeback with some clotheslines and a big boot. Swagger chants “We The People” and goes for the Swagger bomb but it is reversed so he slaps on the Patriot Lock but Rollins gets to the ropes. Rollins stops another attempt at the ankle, and is then slammed off the top rope. Swagger places Rollins on the top rope, Rollins fights him off and then gets back body dropped by Swagger. Swagger hits the Swagger Bomb for a close near-fall. Swagger locks on the ankle again as Rollins makes it to the ropes again. Rollins kicks Swagger in the head and then hits the Curb Stomp for the pinfall win. Good match between the two, with Swagger getting a lot more offense than you might expect.

Michael Cole sells us again on the PPV we have already bought on the WWE Network.


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