WWF Monday Night Raw Recap – September 18th, 1995

WWF Monday Night Raw for September 18th, 1995 is hosted by Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

WWF Monday Night Raw

The show opens up with Vince McMahon tellis us this is a special Thursday edition of Raw. The 1-2-3 Kid’s victory over Razor Ramon back in 1993 is shown, along with their confrontation last week. Razor Ramon vs 1-2-3 Kid is the first match on the show. Lots of quick action early with the Kid on offense but Razor grabs him in the fallaway slam and hits it off the middle rope for a two count. Razor continues to dominate with chops and a throw. 1-2-3 Kid attempts a comeback but is cut off with a chokeslam by Razor. Kid throws Razor outside and then hits a dropkick to the outside. Back in the ring, the Kid hits another dropkick. When going for the pin, the Kid lifts Razor foot on the ropes. Back up, the Kid puts a sleeper on Razor. Razor fights out of it with a side slam and gets a two count. The two collide in the ring which sends the referee to the outside. This allows Dean Douglas to come out and splash Razor in the ring and then quickly leave. The Kid and the referee make it back in the ring as the 1-2-3 Kid covers Razor for the pinfall win. Very fast, but both worked hard.

WWF Monday Night Raw

Dean Douglas is backstage wearing a ridiculous robe. Dean said he gives 1-2-3 Kid a D for Dumb, and Razor an E for Elevate. Dean says that Razor failed at Summerslam and he’ll fail at In Your House. Dean gives himself an A for his performance this Sunday, and an N for “No-Brainer” that he’ll win on Sunday. Dean then circles D-E-A-N vertically, pointing out that it means Dean. I guess we’re supposed to be impressed he knows how to spell.

WWF Monday Night Raw

Next match is Kama & Tatanka vs Savio Vega & Bob Holly. Could there be more of a summation of mid-90’s WWF than this match? Savio Vega and Kama get into it a bit, as does Holly. Holly tries to help but is stopped by the referee. Tatanka does a running elbow drop that looks very robotic. Kama & Tatanka double team Vega as Lawler calls Holly an idiot for trying to help. Vega gets beat on forever. Eventually, Holly does get the hot tag. This match is putting me to sleep. Holly flies off the top but Kama sloppily reversed into a body slam for the pinfall win. Not a good match in the slightest.

Razor Ramon is backstage and he says that Dean Douglas is coming to school in his house. He says when he meets Razor he’ll carve him up.

WWF Monday Night Raw

Next match is Jean Pierre Lafitte vs Brian Walsh. Before this match, a commercial for Wrestlemania XI: The Special is shown. What a commercial. Well, this looks like another squash for sure. Walsh hits some dropkicks but fails. Vince interviews Bret Hart over the phone, and Bret says Lafitte is supposed to be a pirate but he didn’t know pirates existed anymore and that he’s disgusted that Lafitte steals sunglasses from kids. Lawler predicts Lafitte will defeat Hart, Hart says Lafitte is a thief that will be put in his place. Lawler says Hart will taste defeat at In Your House. Jean Pierre Lafitte continues to throw around Brian Walsh, slapping and throwing him around all over the place. Lafitte almost falls off the top but he hits the Cannonball for the pinfall win. Another squash match for this guy. I wonder if Bret can carry him to a decent match Sunday.

WWF Monday Night Raw

Back from break, the ring crew is reinforcing the ring for the next match. The main event is Mabel & Mo vs Yokozuna & Owen Hart. Yoko and Mabel square off from each other but they decide to have Owen & Mo in first. Decent action at first between Mo & Owen. Mabel picks up and drops Owen like it’s nothing. Mabel goes into the corner but Owen moves. Mo & Mabel continue getting heat on Owen, throwing him into the corner several times and choking him. At some point, Owen kicks Mo square in the face to get out of a pin. Owen finally makes the tag to Yoko, who immediately demands Mabel get in the ring with him. Yoko clobbers Mo and then chops in the corner. Yoko continues pummeling Mo and Mabel is stopped by the referee for trying to stop him. Mabel gets tagged in and he throws Owen into Yokozuna to knock him down. Mo hits a scary superplex on Owen from the top. Yoko breaks up the pin, and then attacks Mabel. Owen drops Mo with a drop toe hold as Yoko hits a leg drop allowing Owen to get the pinfall win.

WWF Monday Night Raw

We throw to Diesel and Michaels backstage, who say that the trash talk is done this Sunday. This Sunday, Big Daddy Cool and HBK will be the WWF Tag Team Champions. Diesel says “Alert, Alert” because he’s coming home to the Motor City. Back from another break, Vince interviews Jim Cornette. Cornette says that all the WWF Titles are on the line at the same time and that two fellas that are yella are going to lose their titles. Vince says they are two dudes with attitudes. Cornette says that the last time HBK and Diesel were Tag Team Champions, they imploded so it’s going to happen again because of their egos. Cornette says that Owen & Yoko are like a well oiled watch and the better team. Yoko yells “Banzai!!” I guess that’s all he can say.

Back from another break, Lawler says Yokozuna will defeat Diesel at In Your House to become three time WWF Champion. Next week on Raw, British Bulldog vs The Undertaker!


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