WWF Smackdown July 27 2000

WWF SmackDown Review – Episode 49 – July 27, 2000



Viewed on the WWE Network on June 14, 2014.

The show starts with a Raw Recap of the Angle, Undertaker, Benoit, Steph, Shane, Show angle. Shane has created a monster in the Benoit/Angle faction and WHO CAN STOP THEM!?


THEY’RE IN SAN ANTONIO ON UPN, and this is the first Smackdown after Fully Loaded.

X-Pac vs Steve Blackman for the WWF Hardcore Title

X Pac comes out with Road Dogg, Michael Cole tells us we will get an update on the condition of Undertaker. This match is for the Hardcore title. Recap of Raw where Steve Blackman crunched a chair into Dogg’s face. Damn that looked brutal. Road Dogg said he lost on Monday because he didn’t know it was a hardcore match, he wanted to use fisticuffs instead of garbage cans.

Lots of kicks early from both men, and then X-Pac uses a belt to whip Blackman, and then choke him. Blackman flips over X-Pac to get out of it, and then whips X-Pac a lot. X-Pac then catches Blackman with a stiff kick to the face. X-Pac then gets a trash can lid and begins whacking Blackman with it. Blackman counters. Blackman then knee-caps X-Pac with the lid, then smacks him in the back of the head with it. Blackman lifts up X-Pac then smacks him down with the lid in a cool spot. Blackman brings in a bag of weapons. Gets out nunchuks, tosses a set to X-Pac, and grabs a set of Kendo sticks. X-Pac taunts Blackman with the nunchuks, as Blackman goes in with the sticks and beats on X-Pac. A strange back lift move gets a two count. X-Pac gets the extinguisher and blasts it into Blackman’s face and rams Blackman into the announce table and then chops Blackman. Back in the ring, X-Pac grabs the trash can and lands several shots on Blackman. Sets him up for the Bronco Buster but Blackman picks up the trash can to counter. Picks up the kendo stick again and clobbers X-Pac in the head for the finish.

After the match, Road Dogg runs in and clobbers Blackman with a kendo stick from behind as X-Pac hits him with the trash can, and then with the kendo stick leaving Steve laying.

Note: Decent match, typical hardcore bout for the time. Blackman and Pac both work very stiff. I still hate the Bronco buster but that was the only part that brought down the match. Good work by both men, but Blackman remains a black hole of charisma.

Cut to backstage and we see The Rock talking to Commissioner Foley.


Commissioner Foley comes out.

Foley says he doesn’t feel like smiling because he’s not happy with Shane McMahon. Says he’s not happy with Big Show, not happy with the events on Raw, not happy for being made a fool out of. Wants to talk about Show. Big Show called him for the past two weeks and said he wanted back, said he wanted Shane. So then, Foley gave Shane to Show on Raw but he duped all of us in the end. Foley wants to talk about The Rock. The Rock told Foley he wants Benoit, Show, Angle, and Shane McMahon. Foley is going to give The Rock a match with one of them tonight. Cheap pop saying San Antonio. The Rock gets Kurt Angle in a one-on-one match tonight. Otherwise, a mixed man tag match will take place with Trish and HHH vs Lita and Y2J. Foley says he feels better and now he’s booked a six man tag match, with Edge, Christian, Big Show vs The Dudley Boyz and Kane. San Antonio is the birthplace of Dude Love, so Foley is now in a good mood so the six man is now a Tables match.

Show’s music hits, him and Shane come out. Shane says Foley is infatuated with tables. And Show turned the tables on him. Shane says he’ll always be a few steps ahead of Foley. Foley will learn over time. Shane wants us to give it up for the Big Show. Show said he wanted to snap Shane’s neck in the past. Show wanted to punish those who put him in the hospital. It took him a long time, but he came to the conclusion it was him. Crowd chants Big Show Sucks. Show says everyone can kiss his ass. He was tired of making everyone laugh because he was a failure. Angle, Benoit, and Shane were trying to keep him from being an idiot. Ever since he came to WWF, he’s been trying to figure out who he is. Says he is the biggest and nastiest bastard in the WWF and proud of it.

Steph and Hunter are backstage, arguing about Hunter’s injuries. Hunter opens the door, Steph is shocked about the roses on the table. Steph doesn’t know who sent them. Hunter is unhappy that the roses are there. The twist is that Hunter sent the flowers. Steph calls him sweet and they kiss.

RC EDGE COLA! I remember this stuff. Trish beat Lita up with a leather strap on Raw.

Hardy Boyz vs Lo Down (D’Lo & Chaz)

Lo Down works on Matt early to get the heat on him. Chaz stays in and continues to get the heat on Matt. Matt counters a back body drop into a DDT. Tags in Jeff to a big pop. Jeff toe drops D’Lo into the turnbuckle, and then Matt and Jeff double team him. D’Lo knocks Jeff down and Chaz racks his crotch on the ringpost. Chaz tagged in. Double suplex on Jeff by Lo Down. They continue double-teaming Jeff while Matt inadvertently distracts the ref. D’Lo trash talks Jeff and continues putting the heat on him, and distracting the ref so Chaz can cheap shot Jeff. Jeff attempts a comeback but is cut-off. D’Lo sets up Jeff for a flying forearm from Chaz. Chaz covers Jeff for a two count. Crowd chants D’Lo Sucks. Chaz tags in D’Lo and Jeff is continually beaten on. D’Lo goes for a second rope moonsault on Jeff, Jeff moves and is desperate for the hot tag. Chaz gets the tag in, as Jeff gets the hot tag. Matt beats on Chaz and D’Lo for a bit, while Jeff helps out. Matt and Jeff setup and hit Poetry In Motion on both men. Matt does his top rope leg drop on Chaz. D’Lo breaks up the pin. Jeff drop kicks D’Lo, sending him outside. Jeff flies at D’Lo while Matt hits the Twist of Fate on Chaz. Jeff then flies off the top with the Swanton Bomb for the finish.

After the match, Chaz takes out Matt Hardy. Chaz then picks up and slams Jeff, while D’Lo hits the five-star frog splash off the top.

Note: Decent match. Chaz and D’Lo were a little sloppy, especially in the post match beatdown but the work was decent and the heat was there.

We cut backstage again to Triple H and Stephanie on the couch. Hunter says everything was going good and then Foley ruins the day by putting him in a match with Trish as his partner, and that Trish is a horrible wrestler. Hunter says all women are the same, they’re all terrible. Stephanie is offended and runs off. Hunter sighs and sits back on the couch.

Back to Hunter’s room, Trish walks in wearing a very skimpy outfit. Trish says she understands Hunter not wanting her as his partner, and says “It’s Foley fault.” She asks Hunter to show her some holds. Hunter says that bothers him a lot but someone has to do it. Asks her if she knows anything.

We cut back to the arena to Too Cool’s music. Grand Master Sexay is making his way to the ring.

Grand Master Sexay vs Tazz

Before the bell, Sexay nails Tazz with a few dropkicks to the outside. Sexay hits a vertical suplex on Tazz on the outside. Sexay goes for a flying nothing off the top and Tazz nails him in the gut. Tazz hits several right hands. Sexay hits an ugly back suplex, landing Tazz on his head. Sexay goes for a powerbomb, Tazz flips him over his head. Tazz drops Sexay with an elbow. Tazz lands a few punches on Sexay, Sexay then lands a few kicks and goes for a DDT. Tazz counters with a bridging suplex for a two count. Sexay tries to turn the tide with a powerslam. Sexay signals for a splash into the corner. Tazz counters, goes for the Tazzmission, locks it in but Scotty 2 Hotty hits the ring and Tazz for the DQ. Tazz then locks in Scotty in the Tazzmission, but Sexay breaks it up. Sexay then goes up for the hip hop drop on Tazz. Scotty then does the worm on Tazz. Too Cool were acting like heels here, but the crowd didn’t seem to care.

Note: Not very good.

Hunter is showing Trish moves. He locks in a “hammerlock” and applies pressure. Asks her to put him in one. She tries and he acts unimpressed. Hunter then talks about holds and counters. Hunter says to get out of the hammerlock, she needs to reach between her legs and sweep him down. She tries this and it puts Hunter and her in a compromising position. Steph barges in and has a fit, throwing stuff at Hunter and storming off screaming “I can’t believe you!” Hunter says it was all Trish’s fault, and then smashes a lamp before storming off himself.

We see during the break, Hunter demands the trunk to his car open and then he throws in his luggage and gets in the car. He tells Road Dogg he doesn’t care about the match. Road Dogg questions what he’s supposed to say to Foley.

Edge and Christian come out, as Tag champions, wearing gigantic hats. Christian grabs the mic and says Howdy to the San Antonio fans. Says Texans are big, smelly, pork-rhind chomping, tobacco spitting fatties. Edge says everything’s bigger in Texas, so have a look at their tag partner, TOTALLY BIG SHOW. Show then comes out, looking a bit displeased at the champions’ antics.

Edge & Christian & Big Show vs Bubba Ray Dudley & D’Von Dudley & Kane

Bubba works on Christian early, including a massive back body drop. Bubba demands Christian get up. He does, and D’Von is tagged in. They both drop Christian. D’Von drops Christian, Edge runs in to help and is dropped too. Christian low blows D’Von, and tags in Big Show. Big Show beats the hell out of D’Von. Big Show hits a sloppy Powerslam, tags in Edge. Edge sets D’Von on the top rope, D’Von counters and hits Edge with a clothesline. Christian runs in which prompts Kane to come in and throw Edge and Christian out of the ring. Show comes in, Kane starts beating the hell out of Big Show as the crowd goes wild. Shane gets on the apron to distract Kane as Big Show knocks him down. Bubba and Edge are in the ring as Bubba knocks him down, and then sets up D’Von for the flying headbutt to the crotch. Bubba tells D’Von to get the tables. They get the tables as Big Show throws Kane into the steps. Bubba and D’Von decapitate Kane with another table. They then setup Edge for the 3D, nailing it for the win. Christian runs in and gets beat down. They then try to set him up for the 3D but he gets out of the ring. Kane then grabs Big Show for a chokeslam. Big Show counters. Kane grabs Shane for the chokeslam. As he does, Big Show grabs Kane and hits his chokeslam through a table. BATTLE OF THE CHOKESLAMS!

Note: Pretty good. Crowd was way into Kane here. Dudleys didn’t seem all that over unless they were teasing a table spot.

RIGHT TO CENSOR’S AWFUL AWFUL MUSIC HITS! Raw Recap shows Bull Buchanan beat the Godfather on Raw. Steven says they always do the right thing, and scantily clad women are wrong. Says Pimpin’ Aint Easy, it’s history. And so are the scantily clad women. They fought the good fight for our own good, because we don’t know any better, and Richard and Buchanan won. Richards proved their efforts are not in vain. Asshole chant. Richards introduces the Goodfather. The Godfather is dressed like Buchanan and Richards in a white shirt and tie with glasses now, and called the Goodfather. No hoes. No more. The Goodfather says “Now that the women are gone, and so is the love, huh?” then says he was fighting for our rights, but now he realizes he was fighting for filth. Says Parading women around as sex objects isn’t right. He was pimpin’ for the cheer when he should have been trying to set a better example for us. Says love is not for sale, love is a gift, love is a privilege not a commodity. Says his only message is he’s sorry. Says don’t we realize what we cheer for is wrong. Says he never will demoralize this country. Says Steven is right. THE GODFATHER HAS TURNED AGAINST US. Pretty decent promo by him, seemed a bit uncomfortable in the new role though.

Foley is backstage with Trish. Trish says she doesn’t want to have the match, shoving her body into him, asks for him to call it off. Foley acts cute with her, and then Foley says she’s sexual harassing him, forcing her sexuality on him. Foley was going to give her the night off, but instead he’s assigning Benoit as her partner. She must wrestle tonight or he will sue her for sexual harassment.

Perry Saturn (c) (w/ Terri) vs Crash Holly WWF EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP

Perry beats the hell out of Crash. Terri is on commentary. Perry keeps beating on Crash to little heat. Crash hits a little bit of offense and Terri grabs Crash. Saturn hits a rollup for the win on a distraction. Very little heat. Eddie Guerrerro comes flying out, beats on Saturn. Chyna comes out with Eddie and assists with clotheslining Saturn out of the ring. Referees try to break it up as Eddie’s music plays.

Chris Benoit (w/ Shane McMahon) & Trish Stratus vs Lita & Chris Jericho

Benoit and Jericho beat the hell out of each other early on. Shane beats on Jericho a bit ringside. Benoit back in the ring drops Jericho, hits the flying headbutt on Jericho. Lita tries to get on the apron, Benoit knocks her down. Jericho and Benoit exchange punches. Jericho gets knocked down, Benoit knocks down Lita again. Jericho then gets the walls in on Benoit. Trish comes in, Jericho puts her in the walls to a big pop. Benoit breaks it up, Lita his a hurricanrana on Benoit and then flies onto Trish outisde the ring. Jericho hits a lionsault on Benoit for the win. Benoit gets up afterwards and is livid.

Cole and Lawler plug WWF New York, and then recap the events that just occurred. Cole and Lawler note that Benoit is not used to mixed tag team, so this was unfair to him. Is Jericho used to it or something?

Angle interview with Coach. Angle says Texas thinks they’re special just like Rock. Says Lone Star State My Ass. Says The Rock needs to put the title on the line and get beat by the real people’s champion.

Jericho interview with Kevin Kelly. Jericho says maybe Triple H is not that damn good. Now he says Benoit is not the best technical wrestler in the world today because he just beat him, The Rock beat him, and Lita was throwing him around to. Benoit comes from behind and beats Jericho down, lays him out and then drops a garage door on him. Benoit then slams a chair on Jericho’s head to finish him off as Jericho bleeds out of his mouth. Brutal segment, pretty uncomfortable at times.

I guess the WWF title is on the line in the Angle/Rock match.

The Rock (c) vs Kurt Angle – WWF Championship

This seems like it should be a PPV main event. I also don’t believe Kurt is winning the gold here, but we’ll see.

Rock and Angle brawl outside early. Angle goes for a clothesline but is dropped. Rock kicks Angle in the back a few times, then beats on him as Angle gets up. Angle slams The Rock and stomps him and beats on him as he gets up. Angle and Rock exchange slams and stomps as Benoit and Shane make their way to the ring. Angle notices the help as he beats on the Rock. The Rock attempts a comeback as he is tossed out of the ring. Angle distracts the ref as Shane clotheslines The Rock. The Rock makes a comeback with a flying clothesline. Angle distracts the ref again as Benoit pulls the Rock out of the ring and racks him on the barricade. Angle goes outside and beats on The Rock. Puts a sleeper on The Rock. The Rock fades. Crowd chants Rocky. Rock almost passes out, but The Rock manages to wake up before a three count. Rock hits a desperation clothesline on the Rock. Referee starts the 10 count for the KO. Both men get up and the Rock hits Angle with several hard punches, hits his signature DDT. The Rock attempts an irish whip but Angle hits a belly to belly on The Rock. The Rock then hits the spinebuster out of desperation and sets up for the People’s Elbow, but Shane is on the apron. This distracts The Rock. Benoit comes in and clobbers The Rock. The Rock beats on Benoit for a while, grabs a chair and nails Benoit with it in the back. The Rock nails Angle with it for the DQ. The Rock then chases Shane up the ramp. Ring announcer announces Angle is the winner. Angle holds up the title, as if he won it, The Rock runs back down and chases him out of the ring. Decent main event match, with some predictable shenanigans. Both of these guys are main eventing Summerslam. I don’t see either won getting beat here.

Decent show overall, lack of star power apparent though.


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